Join us for a 2-day adventure in East Java, it's a convenient option for travelers with limited time who want to explore two remarkable volcanic sites in Java, Indonesia. Bromo and Ijen, It offers a balance between adventure, natural beauty, and cultural experiences.


Day 1: Malang - Mt Bromo Jeep Sunrise Tour - Sempol coffee plantation village 
Our driver will pick you up at 01:00 in the early morning, ensuring you have everything you need for the journey. After about 3 hours, we'll reach Cemara Lawang village, near Bromo's crater rim, where we'll switch to a private Jeep for the next leg of our adventure. The Jeep will ascend Mt. Pananjakan, one of the highest viewpoints in the area (2770 m). Before sunrise, savor a cup of coffee or tea along with a local snack. Keep track of your Jeep number as there are many similar ones around.
Following the breathtaking view, the Jeep will guide us to Mount Bromo through the sea of sand. If you wish to take pictures along the way, feel free to ask the driver to make stops. Alternatively, we'll park near Luhur Poten temple, and it will be a 45-minute walk to the top of Mt. Bromo. For those who prefer a more leisurely option, horse rentals are available. Take your time, and when you're ready, the driver will be waiting to take you back to enjoy breakfast. Then, we'll continue by private car to a village near Ijen called Sempol, passing through a winding road with picturesque views. Sempol is a coffee plantation area near Ijen, and this place also boasts a natural hot spring. It's a perfect spot to relax after the long journey from Mt. Bromo. Note : By choosing the Standard class hotel we will not visit the hot spring because the hotel is in the city of Bondowoso.

Overnight stay: (For hotel classification, please refer to the price list)

Day 2: Ijen Trekking - Ketapang Ferry Port to Bali
Before heading to Paltuding (the trekking point), start your day with a cup of coffee or tea. Departure is at 03:00, and it takes about 1 hour to reach Paltuding, where your local guide awaits you with gas masks. The trek to the top of Mt. Ijen will take at least an hour, leading you to the breathtaking Ijen crater lake. Witness a colorful panorama while observing the hardworking sulphur miners.
After the Ijen experience, we'll visit the sulphur factory (if open) in Licin village, where sulphur is purified and packed. On our way to the harbor, we can also visit waterfalls if you wish. Finally, we'll drop you off at the Ketapang harbor, where you can catch the ferry to Bali.  

Note : You will arrive in Gilimanuk ferry port - Bali , please arrange transport in Bali on your own or contact us / driver for further arrangement with additional cost

Physical Fitness Recommendations:
This tour are generally manageable for people with average fitness levels, it's essential to be prepared for some physical exertion.
Comfortable and sturdy footwear is crucial for this tour, especially during the trekking portions.
Overall, being in good physical condition will enhance your enjoyment of the tours and allow you to fully appreciate the stunning natural landscapes and experiences these destinations offer.

What to bring : 
- Footwear, Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for walking on uneven terrain.
- Clothing:  Lightweight, breathable clothes, and consider long sleeves and pants for sun and insect protection.
- Rain Protection: Bring a light rain jacket or poncho in case of rain 
- Hat and Sunglasses:and head lamp