The Bromo Sunrise Tour is a great way to experience the beauty and wonder of Indonesia's natural landscape,  The Jeep ride to the viewpoint for the sunrise is an exciting adventure in itself, as you travel through the dark and winding roads, and have an exciting adventure.


Our driver is ready to pick you up at midnight at 00.30 from your hotel in Malang city. Remember to bring your jacket and a fully charged camera.  Our private Jeep heading towards, After about 3 hours, we will arrive in Mt. Pananjakan, a top viewpoint (2770 m). Enjoy coffee, tea, and local snacks as you wait for the sunrise, though visibility depends on the weather. Make a note of your Jeep number as there are many similar ones around.
Once you've taken in the view, the Jeep will continue to Mount Bromo through the sandy Sea of Sand. Ask the driver to stop for photos or head directly to Luhur Poten temple, where the Jeep will park. It's a 45-minute walk (or rent a horse) to reach the top of Mt. Bromo. Take your time! When you're done, the driver will be ready. We'll head back via savanah , imagine that you are inside the  ancient volcano ,If we have spare time and the weather is favorable, you have the option to visit the Pelangi Waterfalls. It is a great place to refresh in the nature.   

Note : This journey is designed to make sure you feel comfortable. Making your travel experience better. First, feel free to ask for a short break whenever you need it during the journey. Remember, this trip is just for you, so try to make it the best by paying attention to your physical condition. For example, ask our driver to take a break for walking at the sawah/ rice field or visit a local market to make the long journey more interesting.

Estimate time of Bromo Sunrise tour 
00.30 — Our jeep driver  will pick you up from your hotel the Malang City area 
Departure towards Penanjakan viewpoint (2770 meters above sea level)
03.30 — Arrive at Penanjakan viewpoint 1 (relax and enjoy your coffee here) / King Kong Hill / Love Hill
04.00 — Await Sunrise & Enjoy the Bromo Sunrise
06.00 — Head to Bromo crater, Jeep descends to the Sea of Sand
06.30 — Explore Bromo crater & Pura Luhur Poten
08.00 — Whispering Sands & Teletubbies Hill Savanna
09.30 — Water falls pelangi and Return to Malang City
12.00 — Estimated arrival in Malang City depending on road conditions

 What to bring : 
- Footwear, Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for walking on uneven terrain.
- Rain Protection: Bring a light rain jacket or poncho in case of rain 
- Hat and Sunglasses:

Physical Fitness Recommendations:
This tour are generally manageable for people with average fitness levels, it's essential to be prepared for some physical exertion.
Comfortable and sturdy footwear is crucial for this tour, especially during the trekking portions.
Be aware that the high altitude of these locations may affect individuals differently, so it's advisable to acclimatize gradually if coming from lower elevations.
If you have specific health concerns or physical limitations, it's recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before joining on these tours.
Overall, being in good physical condition will enhance your enjoyment of the tours and allow you to fully appreciate the stunning natural landscapes and experiences these destinations offer.