Tour that create an unforgettable trip through the volcanic landscapes of Bromo and Ijen crate lake - Banyuwangi


Day.01. Surabaya - Mt Bromo Jeep Sunrise tour  - Bondowoso
Our driver ready to serve and meet you midnight in Surabaya or Malang. Don’t forget to bring your jacket and fully charged camera along. In about 3 hours you will reach Cemara Lawang village at the crater rim of Bromo. In Cemara Lawang we change our transport with a private Jeep. The Jeep will drive you to winding and sandy road all the way up Mt.Pananjakan, that is one of the highest view points in the area (2770 m). Having a cup of coffee or tea and experience a local snack before sunrise. Weather conditions will eventually determine the views from this point. Note: Remember your jeep number due of busy time there are many similar jeeps on the same place.
After enjoying the view, the Jeep will continue to mount Bromo via the sea of sand. Ask the driver to stop if you wish to make some picture along the way down to sand sea. Otherwise, your driver will park near Luhur Poten temple. After the Jeep parked it will be a 45 minutes’ walk to the top of Mt. Bromo. If you don't feel like walking, you can rent a horse (not included). Take your time. When ready, the driver will be waiting for you. Once back at your Jeep, you will return to your hotel to have breakfast and check out. Then you continue by private car via a winding road that leads you over the hill Ara-Arak to either Bondowoso. Have your lunch (not included) at a spot with some beautiful views. Optional: If we still time and nice weather conditions, you can visit the Madakaripura Waterfalls. Please, bring some dry clothes as you might get wet.

Overnight : River side  or Grand Paddys Bondowoso (swimming pool)

Day 02. Ijen trekking – Ketapang ferry port to Bali 
Having coffee of tea before depart to Paltuding (trekking point) at 03.00. It takes about 2 hours to reach Paltuding where your local guide is waiting for you with gas masks. Arrival at the Ijen trekking point and start trekking to top of Mt Ijen. It is at least one hour hiking to the lake. On the edge of Ijen crater lake you can enjoy a colorful panorama. At the same time many sulphur miners are at work. It is a heavy duty to carry loads of around 80 kilograms up the rim and then down the slopes of Mt. Ijen.
After you experienced Ijen crater lake, there is still time to visit the sulphur factory (if they are open) where sulphur is purified and packed in Licin village. On your way to the harbor you can also visit Taman Gandrung teracota,is an park, which has hundreds of statues of Gandrung dancers, and it was built on a terraced rice field at the foot of Mount Ijen. Then we drop you at the harbour in Ketapang, where you can catch the ferry to Bali. 
Estimated time of arrival in Ketapang ( ferry port Java ): around 11.00 noon
Estimated time of arrival in Gilimanuk (ferry port Bali) around 13.00, please note that Bali time is one hour ahead of Java time.

Note : This journey is designed to make sure you feel comfortable. Making your travel experience better. First, feel free to ask for a short break whenever you need it during the journey. Remember, this trip is just for you, so try to make it the best by paying attention to your physical condition. For example, ask our driver to take a break for walking at the sawah/ rice field or visit a local market to make the long journey more interesting.

Sulfur miners at Ijen typically carry heavy loads of sulfur on their shoulders, ranging from 70 to 90 kilograms (150 to 200 pounds). The physical strain from carrying such heavy loads on difficult terrain can lead to musculoskeletal issues and injuries.The sulfur deposits around the crater are highly acidic, and miners come into direct contact with this acidic environment. Prolonged exposure can cause skin and eye burns, exacerbating the risks to their health.

Why travel with us !!!! Whether you're on a trip for fun or work, enjoy every moment and try to experience the local vibe. Take time to taste local food, meet new people, and discover cool things around. Relax and have a great journey!"