Mount Bromo View

Enjoy spectacular scenery ! the sun, the clouds and the sky over Mount Bromo, is a truly an amazing experience.


Our driver is ready to pick you up at midnight from anywhere in Surabaya. Remember to bring your jacket and a fully charged camera. After about 3 hours, we'll arrive at Cemara Lawang village, located at the rim of Bromo crater. Here, we'll switch to a private Jeep to head towards Mt. Pananjakan, a top viewpoint (2770 m). Enjoy coffee, tea, and local snacks as you wait for the sunrise, though visibility depends on the weather. Make a note of your Jeep number as there are many similar ones around.
Once you've taken in the view, the Jeep will continue to Mount Bromo through the sandy Sea of Sand. Ask the driver to stop for photos or head directly to Luhur Poten temple, where the Jeep will park. It's a 45-minute walk (or rent a horse) to reach the top of Mt. Bromo. Take your time! When you're done, the driver will be ready. We'll head back to Cemara Lawang for breakfast at Cafe Lava Hostel before driving you back to Surabaya. Expect to arrive around 3:00 PM.

Note : If we have spare time and the weather is favorable, you have the option to visit the Madakaripura Waterfalls. Please consider bringing dry clothes as there's a chance you might get wet during this optional tour.

Bromo crater view with some horses