Bold entrepreneurs with ideas? We definitely have a couple of those that lead the way! Why do we focus on perfect service and going local? Read our story:

We, Agus & Martine, met about 2 decades ago. I, Martine, was doing research in small villages south of Malang city. There was no running water except the river and no electricity at all. This gave me plenty of time. I got in contact with the locals like 24 hours a day. My fieldwork in the villages made me fall in love with Indonesia as I learned about generosity, honesty and modesty. An old couple, by that time about 80 years old, was living in a bamboo house without a bathroom, a window, locks on the door or even a concrete floor. They invited me every time I passed - I walked the villages - to have a cup of coffee together and to talk about the old days. In the end they always invited me to spend the night. Although thinking of myself as a real tough cowgirl, who grew up amidst farmers, thought it a bit too basic to accept their invitation but only once when I was about to go home. That was one of the best choices I ever made. They really told me everything about themselves, their lives, and they offered whatever they owned. They showed me Indonesia's hearth.

To be able to communicate with those I left behind, I went back to Malang city every 2 to 3 weeks. There I met Agus. He was working in Hotel Helios, which by then was a real sweet small and clean backpackers hotel. Agus was starting up his travel agency. Selling tours in East Java in a tiny office just behind the reception. Then Agus made me fall in love with him as well. His service minded approach to each and everybody, makes the traveler experience something extra while going to the tourist destinations and of course the traveler has a fabulous holiday when he travels less traveled roads.

When we finally hooked up for life, we decided to take a different direction and to combine both our experiences. We would love you to meet the authentic Indonesian cultures. We are your travel agency on the spot, that knows how to connect with locals, to make your travels through Java and Bali something to remember, both in your hearth and in your mind.