Batu, Sempu island and Bromo - 4 days / 3 nights

Splendid views from Batu - Malang, East Java, IndonesiaVisit Batu before relaxing at the blue lagoon at Sempu island. Last but not least you will see the sunrise over the ancient caldera of Mt. Bromo before climbing this active volcano.

Last updated: 17 March 2017

  Flower village in Batu - East Java, Indonesia
  The museum at the Zoo in Batu - East Java, Indonesia
  Vegetables are growing on the hills in Batu - East Java, Indonesia
  A fishermen boat to cross from the beach Sendang Biru to the island Sempu - East Java, Indonesia
  The blue lagoon Segara Anakan at the island Sempu - East Java, Indonesia
  A view over the ancient caldera of the active volcano Mt. Bromo - East Java, Indonesia
  The stairs to the crater rim of Mt. Bromo - East Java, Indonesia
  An adventure visiting East Java's beauties - visit East Java, Indonesia
  Mt. Bromo at its best - visit East Java, Indonesia
  The temple near Mt. Bromo - visit East Java, Indonesia

A full program in four days, in which you will see and meet a lot of East Java's best.

Day 1: Malang - Batu - Malang

From Malang to Batu is about a one hour drive. Batu offers breathtaking views and a breezy atmosphere. Places of interest are scattered around the small village in the hills. You will visit a traditional tofu factory, apple and orange gardens, the waterfall Coban Rondo, and the sulfuric hot spring (30 - 40ºC) Cangar in the village Tulungrejo near Batu.

Day 2: Malang - island Sempu - Malang

Early morning, you will have to be ready to have a nice day full of enjoyment. That will be five o'clock in the morning. After three hours you will appear in Sendang Biru, an awesome fishermen village and traditional harbor with colorful boats. Upon arrival you can have your breakfast picnic style at the beach and enjoy the fresh air, surroundings and local activities. A short visit to the fish market will broaden your ideas about Javanese life.
The it is time to cross the narrow strip of sea to the island Sempu. Walking in the jungle will lead you to the blue lagoon Segoro Anakan. This lagoon is separated from the Indian Ocean by rocks. Just some wholes above and under sea level connect the lagoon with the Ocean. Enjoy the lagoon. If you want, it is possible to visit some other spots on the island. Please discuss it with the ranger before departing, so you wont get disappointed when time seems insufficient.
Before you can blink your eyes, it is time to get back to Sendang Biru. Have a barbeque with freshly caught fish before driving back to Malang.

Day 3: Malang short city tour - temple Singosari - Wonosari tea plantation - Cemara Lawang

Today will be more relaxed. Just after breakfast, around 08.00 am, your holiday-on-route starts. First some sightseeing in Malang can be done; such as visiting the bird and flower market, Tugu and the Ijen Boulevard. Then on your way to Cemara Lawang you will meet two more interesting spots. The first stop will be at the temple Singosari and you second stop will be at the tea plantation Wonosari up in the mountains. You can have lunch somewhere to your choice (not included). Once in Cemara Lawang and after checking in into your hotel, feel free to explore.

Day 4: Mt. Pananjakan - Mt. Bromo - Cemara Lawang - Surabaya

Early morning again, you will depart at 03.30 to Mt.Pananjakan, the highest viewpoint in the area. A local 4WD Jeep picks you up at your hotel. Before the sun rises, have a cup of something warm to drink and eat at a small restaurant near the viewpoint. After seeing the panorama and sunrise over Mt. Bromo, Mt. Semeru and the caldera it is time to venture into the Sand Sea. After that you can walk to the rim of Mt. Bromo to look into its steamy crater. Once satisfied with all that you have seen, we will bring you to your hotel to have breakfast.
Then, heading to Surabaya or Malang.

Time table

08.00 - 17.00
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Malang - Batu - Malang
Malang - village Sendang Biru
Explore Sendang Biru and fish market
Cross to the island Sempu
Trekking to the blue lagoon
Island Sempu - beach Sendang Biru
Fish barbeque
Sendang Biru - Malang
Malang - temple Singosari - Wonosari
Tea plant. Wonosari - Cemara Lawang
Explore the area
Cemara Lawang - Mt. Pananjakan
Mt. Pananjakan - Mt. Bromo
Hiking to and around Mt. Bromo
Mt. Bromo - Cemara Lawang
Cemara Lawang - Surabaya / Malang
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AC Private Transport
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By boat
On foot
On foot / by boat
AC Private Transport
AC Private Transport
AC Private Transport
Jeep 4x4
Jeep 4x4
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Jeep 4x4
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Price for your tour to Batu village, Sempu island and volcano Bromo

Via the form below you can contact us. You can ask any question or make reservations for your tour. We will answer your email within 24 hours. Looking forward to hear from you!

Price includes:
♠ Private transport with ac, driver and fuel during the tour
♠ A little English speaking driver
♠ 4WD Jeep for the sunrise tour to Mt. Pananjakan and Mt. Bromo
♠ Coffee break in Pananjakan
♠ Meals: 3x breakfast and 1 lunch
♠ 3 nights accommodation
♠ Boat, Ranger and permit to enter the island Sempu
♠ Daily mineral water
♠ Daily seasonal fruit 
♠ All Entrance fees to the places we visit as written in the program
  Price excludes:
♠ Travel insurance
♠ Personal expenses
♠ All lunches and dinners
♠ Horse riding