Bromo, Ijen & Alas Purwo NP - 3 days / 2 nights

Releasing baby turtles in Sukamade - National Park Meru Betiri, East Java, IndonesiaMake sure that you have seen breezy Malang before leaving. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in a remarkable environment. Ijen Crater Lake is another natural delight. And Alas Purwo is an unspoiled national park in Java.

Last updated: 25 April 2019

Make sure that you have seen breezy Malang before leaving. Malang is a diverse city, with many stories to color it. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in a remarkable environment. The volcano exists in a caldera that was formed about 40,000 years ago. Ijen Crater Lake is another natural delight with its green-blueish colors and amazingly hard working sulphur miners. Alas Purwo National Park is not an easy area to access as it is protected by holy spirits, as the story goes. Nature is beautiful. An unspoiled national park in Java.

  Landscape - East Java, Indonesia
  Coffee at the plantations in Kalibaru - East Java, Indonesia
  Cacao at the plantations in Kalibaru - East Java, Indonesia
  Ploughing the land with animal power - East Java, Indonesia
  A mark for turtle eggs - Meru Betiri, East Java, Indonesia
  Guest house in Sukamade - National Park Meru Betiri, East Java, Indonesia

Day 1: Malang - mount Bromo - Ijen Plateau

Early morning departure to the active volcano Bromo. You will be picked up at midnight. It will take around 3 hours to reach Cemara Lawang village. 
In Cemara Lawang you will change your comfortable car for a local Jeep. Hop on the Jeep to get to Pananjakan. Pananjakan is one of the highest viewpoints in the area. 
Have a warming cup of coffee or tea to get used to the temperatures. It can get close to freezing. For the food lovers: you can also try some local snacks.
Then it is a 5 minutes walk to the actual viewpoint. The sunrise can be marvelous. Colours keep on changing while the sun rises. As Bromo is south from where you are standing, don't keep looking to the east only!
After sunrise, you might be interested in another cup of coffee or tea.... Otherwise meet your driver to descend to the black volcanic Sea of Sand.
You will drive into a moonlike landscape. Feel free if you wish to walk, to wander around.
Eventually the Jeep will park near Luhur Poten temple. The temple is rarely open, but can be seen from the outside.
It is a 45 minutes hike to the top of mount Bromo, mainly through loose sand. At last a stair will lead to the top. 
Take your time. Look back over your shoulders while walking. Everything is grey. Greyish-grey. Blackish-grey. Just grey.
Once back at the Jeep, you will be driven back to Cemara Lawang village. Have your breakfast before departing to Bondowoso city.

Discovery ideas: 1. Madakaripura waterfalls 2. Bee Jay Bakau Resort in Probolinggo 3. Segaran lake with hot spring
Hotel: Ijen View Hotel Resort & Restaurant
Meals: breakfast

Day 2: Ijen crater lake - Jajag

It is 04:00 am when the driver starts the engine. You will head to Paltuding. It will take approximately 2 hours. 
In Paltuding your hike to Ijen crater lake starts. It is 3 km walk up hill. It will take about 1.5 hours to get to the lake. 
While walking you will meet sulphur miners. They wheel their sulphur harvest down the slopes.
Ijen's area can't be compared to Bromo at all. Colours are already that different. The landscapes are incomparable. Ijen holds the most acidic lake on earth. While Bromo rose in a caldera filled with black volcanic sand and a lush savanna.
Sulphur miners head down into Ijen's crater to collect the sulphur. Liquid sulphur quickly solidifies at the end of the installed ceramic pipes. The miners collect the solidified sulphur and carry it in bamboo baskets out of the crater. Their baskest can weigh up to 100 kg.
When entirely explored you can walk back to the car. Have a small break before you continue.
You will continue to your hotel in Jajag village. It will be a 3 hours drive. Get ready for the next day: Alas Purwo National Park.

Discovery ideas: 1. Ijen blue fire 2. Kalibendo coffee plantation and coffee factory 3. Jagir waterfall 4. Bedul mangrove
Hotel: New Surya Hotel
Meals: breakfast


Day 3: Alas Purwo National Park – Ketapang harbor

Early departure. The earlier the better as wildlife is best spotted during early mornings. Discuss the options with your driver. It will take three hours to get to Alas Purwo National Park. 
Alas Purwo is not only a forest but also contains ancient heritage like Hindu temples and spiritual caves. Driving along the tree shaded road into the park gives you the feeling of a mystical adventure.
A local guide will be your exploring leader in the natural forest to the beach. You can meet the banteng (Boss Javanicus), deers, monkeys, peacocks and other animals. Your guide will also lead you to the beach to spot some turtles.
In the afternoon the driver will drop you at Ketapang harbor.

Discovery ideas: 1. Bedul mangrove
Meals: breakfast


Time table

00:00 - 03:00
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03:45 - 04:15
04:15 - 04:20
04:20 - 06:00
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07:30 - 09:00
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09:45 - 10:15
10:15 - 13:30
04:00 - 07:00
07:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 14:30
Drive to Cemara Lawang village
Change cars to a Jeep
Drive to mount Pananjakan
Coffee break
Walk to the viewpoint
Sunrise over mount Bromo
Walk back to your Jeep
Drive through Sand Sea
Discover Bromo
Drive back to Cemara Lawang
Breakfast and check out
Drive to Bondowoso city
Drive to Paltuding
Hike to Ijen crater lake
Explore Ijen
Walk back to parking area
Coffee break
Drive to Jajag village
Drive to Alas Purwo NP
Explore Alas Purwo NP
Drive to Ketapang harbour
Private car
4wd Jeep
On foot
On foot
4wd Jeep
On foot
4wd Jeep
Private car
Private car
On foot
On foot
On foot
Private car
Private car
Private car / on foot
Private car


Price Bromo, Ijen, Alas Purwo National Park // 4 days & 3 nights

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Price includes:             
♠ Private transport with air conditioning
♠ Fuel, parking, toll 
♠ Friendly little English speaking driver
♠ 4WD Jeep Bromo sunrise tour
♠ 2 nights accommodation
♠ Meals: 2x breakfast
♠ Daily mineral water
♠ Daily seasonal fruit
♠ Entrance fee Bromo-Tengger-Semeru NP
♠ Entrance fee Ijen crater lake
♠ Entrance fee Alas Purwo NP

♠ Ferry to Bali
  Price excludes:
♠ Travel insurance
♠ Personal expenses
♠ All lunches and dinners
♠ Optional tours