Early morning Ijen trekking - 1 day

ijenbromo3You will be picked up midnight; 00:00. You will drive via Licin village to Paltuding. This private 12 hours Ijen tour is flexible in time and mode of comfort.

Last updated: 10 June 2018


Mount Ijen is becoming a popular tourist destination. The active volcano with its phenomenal colored lake and worlds most impressive Blue Fire site, are indeed worth a visit.

This Ijen tour starts in Ketapang.

Itinerary one day tour Ijen - 10 hours Ijen tour

At 01:30 you will be picked up in Ketapang, or in / around Banyuwangi at you the harbour or at your hotel. In 2 hours you will drive to Paltuding.
In Paltuding your hike to Ijen crater lake starts. You will need at least 1 hour to reach the top of this impressive volcano.
During you hike to the top, you will meet some sulfur miners. Most of them are wheeling down about 200 kg of sulfur down the slopes to the sulfur weighing area. Others will carry heavy loads up to 100 kg in baskets on their shoulders.
If you wish to see the blue fire, you will have to climb down into the crater to get near the lake and the blue fire area. Your local guide will lead you. Be careful!
Once you experienced Ijen crater lake, you will be waited for at the parking area. Don't forget to visit the sulfur weighing area just behind the parking lot.
After a break with a local snack, you will be driven back to Ketapang harbor via Licin village. On route you can visit Kalibendo coffee plantation and Jagir waterfall. You can take a swim! Fresh mountain water.
After another coffee break you will arrive in Ketapang or Banyuwangi around noon, 12:00.

If you prefer to depart any other time than midnight, let us know. We can adjust the time schedule.

Time table

01.30 - 03.30
03.30 - 08.00
08.00 - 11.00
11.00 - 12.30
Ketapang / Banyuwangi - Paltuding
Explore Ijen
Explore Kalibendo and Jagir
Transfer to Ketapang / Banyuwangi
AC Private Transport
AC Private Transport
AC Private Transport
AC Private Transport

1. time is by estimation. If you prefer to spend more time at a certain place, everything is possible

Price midnight tour to Mt. Ijen - start Ketapang / Banyuwangi

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Price per person in IDR


Price includes:            
♠ Private transport with air conditioning
♠ Fuel, parking
♠ A friendly little English speaking driver
♠ Meals: 1x breakfast
♠ Mineral water
♠ Coffee break
♠ Entrance fee Ijen crater lake
♠ Entrance fee Kalibendo coffee plantation
♠ Entrance fee Jagir waterfall
  Price excludes:
♠ Travel insurance
♠ Personal expenses