Transport modes


Garuda Indonesia is the national flag carrier, serving international as well as major domestic trunk routes. Other airlines include Merpati Nusantara, Bouraq which serves major domestic routes as well as international ones to Singapore. Lion Air, Star Air, Wings Air, Batavia, Adam Air, also domestic carriers, complete the archipelago’s comprehensive airline network.  



Trains are available throughout Java and in parts of Sumatra and are enjoyable ways to experience the essence of the country. Comfortable, air-conditioned trains can be booked, particularly on those services that connect Central and East Java with the capital city of Jakarta. Take a look at the website of Kereta Api Indonesia (in Indonesian).


Another relatively cheap way to travel across the islands is by bus. Nearly all inter-city buses are fully air-conditioned and comfortable. They often only stop for food and fuel. Cars and taxis can be hired of course, and provide perfect opportunities to get off the beaten track and explore independently. An enormous variety of public transport can be found in the towns and cities.

Ferries and ships

PELNI, the state-owned shipping company, has more than 30 modern ships, serving all main ports in this archipelago of over 17,000 islands. Regular ferries make island hopping easy and also provide some unique opportunities to experience the beauty of these tropical islands.