Visit Ijen Crater Lake and mount Bromo: 2 impressive volcanoes - 3 days / 2 nights

ijenbromo-1From Banyuwangi to Ijen and Bromo, explore volcanoes and nature. We bring you also to Kaliklatak plantation, and show you waterfalls. Your private driver will be your best friend during the journey.

Last updated: 12 June 2018

Exotic spices as coffee, cacao and rubber. Kaliklatak is a vast area of land dedicated to production and at the same time a "village", complete with schools, factories, mosques and a church. Culture on your travels to Ijen crater lake and Bromo volcano.
Bromo and Ijen are defenitely two extremely different volcanoes. Choosing to visit just one is an impossible choice. Smoking Bromo in the black volcanic ashen sea of sand and the turquoise Ijen lake surrounded by sandy coloured rocks.

  Entrance Kaliklatak plantation in East Java
  A view over the caldera of Mt. Bromo - East Java, Indonesia
  Rubber tree at Kaliklatak plantation - East Java

Day 1: Banyuwangi / Ketapang harbour – Kaliklatak plantation – Jagir waterfall – Licin village

You will be picked up by our team.
You can visit Kaliklatak plantation on route to Licin village (2 hours drive). A two-hours-guided-tour over the Kaliklatak plantation is an eye opener. The Kaliklatak plantation produces coffee, cacao, rubber, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, vanilla and a high variety of fruits and vegetables.
You can also visit Jagir waterfall. Two waterfalls with water from three springs.
You can alos drive directly to Licin village, on the slopes of mount Ijen and the Ijen Plateau, and explore the area or have a rest in your hotel.
Hotel: Grand Harvest, Licin village

Day 2: Mount Ijen trekking - Cemara Lawang village at mount Bromo

At 03:00 you depart for a short drive to Paltuding. From Paltuding it is a 3 km hike - with every now and then some steep slopes - to kawah Ijen.
During your early morning hike you will meet the sulfur miners. These days most of them are wheeling down heavy loads to the sulfur weighing station in Paltuding. Only a few are still carrying heavy bamboo baskets - up to 100 kg - on their shoulders.
Once at the top enjoy the views! Walk around to experience the area. Be aware of the fact that you are looking at 's worlds most acidic lake, deadly... You will see the miners carrying sulfur out of the crater.
Once back at the car you continue to Sempol village is only 17 km from Ijen crater lake, Here you can visit a sulfuric hot spring, a waterfall, the local village, coffee seedlings, etc.Once you have enjoyed the lake and its surroundings, we drive to Mt Bromo with some stop to strecth youe legs. We arrive around late afternoon in Cemara lawang, A village with overlooking to Mt Bromo.
Hotel: Cafe Lava, Bromo Permai or similar

Note: the official advice of Volcanology is not to hike down into the crater. Hiking into the crater will be at your own risk. If you wish to see the bkue fire you will depart midnight. You can discuss this part of the tour with your driver as he knows the local conditions such as the activity of the volcano and the weather conditions. You will need to hire a local guide and gas masks.

Day 3: Bromo sunrise tour - drop Surabaya / Malang

You will have to wake up very early in the morning. At 03:00 you will be heading to mount Pananjakan. This mountain is one of the highest viewpoints in the area. A good spot to see the sunrise. You will have an astonishing view over the caldera with the active volcano Bromo, the volcanic ashen Sea of Sand and the savanna.
Once you have warmed up a little, get back to your Jeep and drive in the direction of mount Bromo. You will cross the Sea of Sand, also called whispering sand.
After the car parks it is a 45 min walk to the top of this magnificent volcano. Views are breathtaking.
When back at the Jeep, you will return to your hotel. Have breakfast and a refreshing shower before checking out. You can be dropped off in Surabaya or Malang.


Time table

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Ketapang - Licin
Water falls and plantation
Rest and relax
Licin - Paltuding
Ijen trekking - Top
Paltuding - Sempol
Coffee area - hot spring
Sempol - Mt Bromo area
Relax in Mt Bromo
Mt. Pananjakan - Mt. Bromo
Climb and visit Mt Bromo
Mt. Bromo - Cemara Lawang
breakfast and rest
Cemara Lawang - Surabaya
AC Private Transport
Car / On foot
AC Private Transport
On foot
AC Private Transport
On foot
AC Private Transport
Jeep 4x4
Jeep 4x4
Jeep 4x4
AC Private Transport

1. from the village Cemara Lawang you have a beautiful view over the landscape with Mt. Bromo
2. time is by estimation. If you prefer to spend more time at a certain place, everything is possible


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Price includes:            
♠ Private transport with ac, driver and fuel during the tour
♠ A little English speaking driver
♠ 4WD Jeep for the sunrise tour at Mt. Bromo
♠ Meals: 2x breakfast 
♠ Daily mineral water
♠ Two nights in a hotel (Grand harvest Ijen and Hotel Café Lava or Bromo Permai )
♠ Seasonal fruit
♠ Coffee break in Pananjakan
♠ Entrance fee to the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru
♠ Entrance fee to the Ijen Plateau and places we visit

  Price excludes:
♠ Personal expenses and personal insurance
♠ All lunches and dinners
♠ Horse riding
♠ optional tours: the Blue Fire Tour ,You can discuss the tour with your driver as he knows the local conditions , you need to hire a masker and use Local guide