Terms and Conditions

Helios tour, acts only as an agent for The Client in acquiring transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, trekking and other services for The Client’s benefit, and on the express condition that Helios tour shall not be liable nor responsible for any loss (including without limitation, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss, economic loss), damage, mishap, bodily injury, death, delay, defect, omission or any irregularity that may be caused to The Client, third parties or properties. Helios tour is to be released from all liabilities deriving from acts of terrorism, hijacking, civil unrest, natural calamities, labour strikes, thefts or any other factors beyond Helios tour’s control. Any losses and expenses are to be borne by The Client. In the event that Helios tour is found liable by a court of competent jurisdiction on any basis in relation to The Client’s booking done via Helios tour, Helios tour’s maximum liability to the client is limited to the cost of the booking in question.
Helios tour reserves the right to alter or modify itineraries in any way for the interest of The Client or due to any other uncontrollable circumstances such as weather or other local conditions.

The Client should consult his/her physician regarding his/her fitness for travel, and adventure travel in particular. Helios tour encourages The Client to seek his/her physician’s advice regarding necessary or advisable vaccinations, medical precautions, and any other medical concerns regarding the entirety of his/her travel with Helios tour.

Helios tour does not provide medical advice. It is The Client’s responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each trip/activity in light of his/her own limitations, physical and mental fitness/ condition, as well as his/her own medical requirements or issues.
It is also The Client’s responsibility to inform Helios tour of any pre-existing medical conditions, pregnancy or recent operation/ injury that may make it more likely for him/ her to be involved in an accident which could result in bodily harm or death. The Client with the above conditions will be obligated to obtain medical clearance for his/her trip/activity participation by a competent medical examiner before booking his/her tour.

Helios tour strongly recommends The Client to obtain insurance such that in the event of any possible risk, it will provide sufficient cover for the client and if applicable, any dependents that he/she is traveling with. It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance coverage includes, but is not limited to, medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness, 24 hour emergency service and assistance (including repatriation if you are too ill to continue with the tour), cancellation and curtailment, lost and stolen possessions cover, personal liability cover as well as cover for all the activities The Client will be participating in. The Client must fully understand that some insurance policies will exclude certain adventure activities and will have to borne any risk that may arise as a result. All claims must be directed towards The Client’s insurers. The Client should consult his/her insurance consultant for a suitable travel insurance policy.

By registration for the trip, The Client hereby warrant, represent and undertake that:
he/she is 18 years of age and above and has the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts with Helios tour
all information submitted by he/she is accurate;
he/she is authorized to make the registration for himself/herself, or the participant below 18 years of age if he/she is the parent / guardian of the participant
he/she accept the terms and conditions herein.
If The Client is also the trip leader of the group, by booking for the trip, he/she hereby additionally warrant, represent and undertake that:-
he/she is authorized to make the booking for the participants;
he/she will inform all participants the confirmation details and all other appropriate information; and
he/she is responsible for making all payments due to Helios tour.

The Client agrees to indemnify Helios tour, its partners and employees for all losses, costs, damages, embarrassment, claims and expenses, including legal fees and costs (on an indemnity basis) in relation to any action or claim by The Client;
any breach by The Client of any provision of any terms and conditions in relation to the products/services The Client booked or contravention of any law or rights of third parties or this website;
any claims by any of our local partners for loss or damage resulting from The Client’s actions or omissions.

A 50% deposit is required for the booking confirmation and the balance must be paid one (01) month prior to tour commencement. In case of a short-term reservation made within one (01) month prior to tour commencement, the reservation is deemed to be a late booking and 100% full payment is required for immediate confirmation of the booking and admission to the tour. Should the payment not be received by the due date, Helios tour reserves the right to cancel all reservations without prior notice. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking. Full payment is required for purchase of air tickets, travel insurance and booking of hotels.

All bookings cancelled inside 30 days prior to travel are non-refundable.
For bookings that are cancelled 30 or more days prior to the departure date, the deposit amount is non-refundable. You will be charged any cancellation fees that are levied by the hotels, airlines, insurers, local tour operators and service providers, and any transfer fees imposed by the banks.  Cancellation of flights, hotels or services provided by other suppliers will be subjected to their terms and conditions.